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When it comes to Saltwater Aquarium and Freshwater Fish Tank

Aquarium and fish tank have the same meaning when someone wants to decorate something beautiful in their houses by keeping a fish tank or an aquarium. The terms are often used conversely.

In general, an aquarium alludes to a glass rectangular container to hold and show fishes. And fish tanks seem to be bigger in shapes and sizes. However, people often use these as an exchangeable term.

How to choose a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium

If this is the first time you have a fish tank, you will need to choose a freshwater aquarium as it is easier to keep a saltwater tank. When you keep an aquarium for a prolonged period, you should own the saltwater aquarium without making a mess.

Price tag

If your budget for having a tank is restricted, then you could own a freshwater fish tank. Do not worry about the size on it because there is not any minimum size requirement for these types.

You enable to begin with a small one initially when you are not confident or less experienced in this part.

Well, you may start with some accessories and fishes first. Please note that you should purchase a 50-gallon fish aquarium to make sure that you can make a healthy environment for plants and fishes as well.

The price tag does not mean the first amount of money you have to pay for an aquarium. It also means you need to maintain your tank for a while with other necessary accessories such as an aquarium filter, pumps, salt mixes, water test tools, live ornaments, and so on to control everything on your aquarium.


Basically, it is not complicated to own a fish tank. However, it requires a commitment of the owners as they should take care of the aquarium on a regular basis.

Feeding the right foods for aquarium foods are common examples in this part. Furthermore, you should check the quality of aquarium water and how bad or good of an aquarium filter.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning a freshwater aquarium is not difficult. You just need to remove algae and other dirt debris in the tank on a regular basis. When you do not have time to do these, turn on the aquarium filter instantly.

However, you should check this tool regularly to ensure that it is still good. The condition of fish foods also makes the water dirty, so be sure the number of foods you put in the aquarium. Sometimes, fishes cannot eat all foods that you feed for them is another reason cause bad water condition.

How about cleaning a saltwater aquarium? It is similar to do with a freshwater tank. Nevertheless, it is more difficult to maintain it. This is because you need to pay attention to the nitrate cycle on the tank, the water temperature, the filtration process, and salinity level of the water as well.

General environment

One of the most important things to keep a fish tank is creating the condition like the natural environment for fishes. For instance, you have freshwater fishes you will not get a headache of the condition of the water (even you have live organisms in the tank).

If you have a saltwater tank, you should draw attention to make a balanced environment for the marine organisms in your tank. In other words, you should create the true combination of rocks, saltwater vegetation, and fish species to get the natural condition for fishes.


Difference between glass tanks and acrylic aquariums

This table will help you get a rapid note between them.

Quality Glass Aquarium Acrylic Tank
Cost Affordable Expensive
Scratching Resistant Can scratch without a hint
Weight Heavy Light
Shapes Limited Varied
Impact resistance Poor Excellent
Clarity Frequent Yellow (in color)


Weight capacity

Generally, glass is heavier and thicker than acrylic. A glass aquarium will weigh more than 5 times than an acrylic tank in the similar volume.

Acrylic tanks, on the other hand, are lighter. When you want to move an acrylic tank, it could be easier than a glass tank.

An acrylic tank will also be more solid on the structure which is supporting than a glass aquarium could do.

Nonetheless, the weight of a tank is also the water and other things inside like decorations. So, the truth is that the weight of an aquarium is also emotional.


Most of the glass tanks are rectangular in shape because glass is sturdy and brittle while acrylic is easier to mold at any shape.


Basically, glass does not require any specialized tools, so a glass tank is less expensive than an acrylic tank. However, you should own some equipment for acrylic aquariums and the first bought cost is higher.


Glass tanks will be denser than acrylic aquariums. However, tempered glass types are stronger than the acrylic.

In most cases, thick level does not prove the quality of a fish tank at all. This is not a foundation point to compare between them. Instead, you should pay attention to the ability to contain water and some accessories of the aquarium.

Final Words

Both freshwater tanks and saltwater aquariums are incredible pieces of design, but each has different points with benefits and disadvantages as well. It also depends on lots of factors such as how you can set up, how good or bad the material, size, and shape, etc. So, there is not any wrong or right point. It is just ideal option for each person or family.