Ultimate guide to Travel with My Pets?

Look, this question is not necessary or it becomes weird for those who do not raise pets. However, pet owners often wonder this when they want to travel. They often take their pets with them when traveling. But how could you travel with your pets safely?

Know your destination

Whether you own a dog or a cat, please remember that some weather conditions are not comfortable for them. For instance, the Siberian Husky does not like go around the summer season in Dubai.

Or some sorts of cats do not bear the cold climate and they totally are sick when you bring them along with you. Thus, when making your travel plan, do not forget to find out the weather and consider you pets can or cannot.

Prepare gears for your pets

It sounds a bit weird but it is true for every pet when you travel with them. It means that you need to bring their foods and clothes. You enable to put some necessary equipment for them in case you cannot find the replacement such as jackets, boots, nail clippers, warm coats, shoes, pads, a collar, ID, etc.

Decide the type of transportation mode and know the play regulations

There are 4 basic transportation modes for pets – by train, by car, by airplane, and by boat. They will have the similar modes like humans.

No matter what kinds of transportation you will choose. You should ask the ticket agent about your pets. Do they allow pets in their cabins? How many regulations they have in the pet traveling? You should take time to read all laws before booking tickets. Do not rush at this point because you likely have to leave your pets at home without getting the plan B!

Use a case

It is important to put your pets in a case when traveling. This will help pets are safe and take a rest easier. Apart from this point, you will have time to bring your suitcases and do other checking tasks.

It is also useful not to make others scared. For example, you take a travel dog case and bring it with you. It is great for both of us when other passengers are comfortable and you easily can carry.

Nonetheless, please draw attention to the size because some airlines or travel service companies have the limited space to put your carry-on and suitcases. This is the reason why I told you that you should inform the crew.

Draw attention to the medicines

You can bring medicines along with you on the trip, but do not take too much. This is also vital for your pets. The best ways to deal with this problem is consulting a vet (for your pet) and practitioner (for you) to have some medical test and prescriptions as well. They may recommend some injections.

Do not forget to buy a ticket for your pets

It sounds too basic to us when hearing this point. However, some airlines or other transportation companies do not allow you use your ticket and bring pets freely only. In other words, they will ask the pet ticket. This is because they see your pet as a person, not an object or goods. Sometimes, you should get the passport or pet papers for them if the airline or a country requires.

Make pet tags

Why should you do that? This is another safe task for your pet; especially when they get lost in a large area or in a chaotic environment. You have to keep your eyes on your pet all the time, but you cannot estimate every situation. When they get lost, someone will see the pet tag and know who they should contact to return pets.

Bring the health certificates from veterinarian office

If you travel to another nation, it will be vital to check their health and have the health certificates along with you. This is because the local custom will ask it and they probably requiring you leave your pets if you do not have.

Do not miss out some pet aid kit

I am pretty sure that pet owners will know other things to add on the suitcase for their pets. I just make a short list for you to check again. They could be…

  • Dry foods (choose the favorite tastes)
  • A small bowl
  • Some medications and first-aid terms (these should be recommended by veterinarians)
  • Some soft toys, blankets, and pillows for them
  • Dental chews and treats
  • The contact information from the veterinarian office

Consider your pet’s diet

In every journey, your pets could have stomach upsets because they do not give healthy foods. Also, you may not have enough time to prepare their diets. However, you can change it by choosing some foods like these

Fresh foods or canned foods

With fresh foods, it is quite hard to bring because of the local regulations. To ensure it is available, you should check the laws and policies carefully in advance.

If it is still too difficult, then you could change canned foods. This choice is easier than taking fresh foods. However, do not forget to check the expiration in the hypermarket before making a hole in your wallet.

Dry foods

This option is better than fresh foods and likely canned foods. Nevertheless, it is also important to follow the regulations from the transportation company when you can bring foods or not.

Or you ought to buy dry foods for dogs in the local destination. Some hotels also give pet’s foods, so you can view from these first.


Seeds are more ideal for bird sorts than dogs and cats. Be sure to check the laws in advance.

Take into account the traveling time

The time to travel is also crucial because you need to know the local weather apart from your schedule and your business.

It means that you should think of this point carefully when making a plan. Never traveling with them when they are pregnant or they are during the breastfeeding period.

In a nutshell, you completely can travel with your pets when you have scrupulous preparation at all!