Strengthening Your Marriage While In Crisis Mode

It is easy to assume that in our married life that trouble is not going to make it’s self comfortable. In fact most of us probably never even thought about the issues our marriage could potentially face.I mean really who thinks about family members getting sick, family members passing on, job loss and spiritual struggles when they are looking at their husband’s on their wedding day. When these crisis situations occur we are often ill prepared and we often times do not handle them very well because something inside us will just not allow it. We wives go into fix it mode and we forget often times that our husband’s are there to help as well.


The question is how do we keep our marriages strong while we are living in crisis mode? How do we continue to nurture one of our most important relationships on this Earth? You see it is easy, as women, to withdraw ourselves. To bottle up everything that is going on. Yet, this leads to hurt feelings and un-needed stress on our marriage. Now I am not saying that our husbands don’t do the same but today I am only speaking from the vantage point I know.

These crisis moments are actually good things. They are molding moments. They allow us to depend on each other in ways we never thought possible. We can learn to rely on each other for support and actually grow stronger as a unit. The key however is good communication. We can not allow ourselves to shut down and such out each other. Of course this open communication thing also requires listening to our husbands as well.  This type of communication will strengthen  your marriage far above anything that you can imagine and it will also insure that you are on the same page. This is extremely important for me since my husband and I both see things totally different. Being on the same page also insures that the crisis situation at hand will not become a crisis situation in your marriage.

Take time to pray with each other. Often times I forget to pull my husband in on my prayer sessions when I am praying about a problem. It is just as important to have prayer time with our husband as it is for us to have prayer time alone. Seeking counsel from God together helps you both see into each others hearts. Not to mention it is such a soothing sound to hear my husband pray with me about a crisis I am dealing with. It in fact deepens my love for him even more.

Remember that you are facing this crisis together. Often times if I am dealing with a family situation I forget that though it may be affecting me directly it is still affecting my husband because what affects me in fact affect him. If we would spend more time working together we would actually remember  that we are not facing the world alone. We would remember that we are in fact a united front against the world.

Do not allow the crisis to consume you. I am a self proclaimed recovering worrier. I can allow a problem to consume me. The problem with this is when I do allow it to consume my thoughts guess who is put on the back burner…My dear husband. This in turn once again causes hurt feelings and a lot of confusion. Allowing a crisis to consume you can help bring your marriage to it’s knees. Remember to instead continue to put your husband first and then move forward. As long as you are practicing open communication and praying together this will be easy to do because he will already know what you need and you will know his.

Crisis situations are always going to pop up. It is just a fact of life. However instead of letting it hinder our marriage how about we allow it to strengthen it.