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A Few Steps Behind: A “Timothy” Relationship

“When I grow up – I hope that I am like you.” Those words came so humbling to me from a girl that is dear to my heart. It was in those moments that I knew she looked up to me – that I was a “Paul” relationship in her life. I think that was honestly one of the most scariest things someone has ever said to me – probably only second to me hearing a little girl, walking behind me in pink high heels that were far to big for her, saying that she was going to be like Mommy when she grew up. If you realize it or not- you are probably the Paul to someone  – and having a Timothy in you life is just as important as having a Paul.

In our previous post, we talked about the importance of having a Paul relationship-  someone who is ahead of you in your walk with Christ – so that as you follow and look up to them – you can be seeing a woman of the Lord who is pointing you to God.  However, it is just as important to have a Timothy in our life as well.

A Timothy is someone who is just a few steps behind you. They look up to YOU. Yes, you. You are the one pointing THEM to Christ. You are the one praying for them. You are the one instructing them in God’s Word. You, yes you can be a Paul for someone else – no matter how old you are.

The reason it is important to have a Timothy in your life goes back to that accountability word we talked about last week.  When you know someone is following you – and even walking in your footsteps – you are more likely to keep your life in check. When you know someone is watching -you don’t want to make mistakes. Your going to – but it might help keep you out of some of the harder choices. Having a Timothy increases your prayer life- it gives you someone to pray for – because you desire to see her grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. She is going to ask you hard questions- and need you to help her find the answers from scripture. With that in mind, it keeps you digging each day in the Word of God. Having a Timothy following you helps you grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ  – because you truly want her to be led into a closer relationship with Christ. You don’t want to cause her to stumble.

The young ladies I have had a privilege to mentor have changed my life. They have pushed me deeper in my walk with God- they have asked questions that have driven me to the Word and my knees. We have taken faith steps together. We have climbed walls and seen mountains move. I have watched strongholds come down and God answer prayer.  Yes, I have even cried tears when they have made hard choices. It has been good for me, and my walk with the Lord, to help them on this journey.

We were never made to walk alone. That is why God created a man AND a woman. That is why He has given us friendships. He wants us to have communion. He wants us to strengthen and sharpen one another. So, just as it is important to have women that you are looking to for guidance and wisdom – be that woman in another woman’s life.

I have had the privilege to invest in teenage girls for many years- and have missed it so much since I got married. Those girls are now off in college now -and I still hear from them. They still call (or text!) to get advice about school, relationships, finding churches, and general life. I still pray for them each day – and try to send goodies in the mail! I keep up with them through social media. I couldn’t be prouder of  “my girls” as I have called them since they were just 8-9th graders. Just yesterday, I got a text from one of my girls, Camryn, who just wants to catch up on life. She (and some of the others) have pushed me further in my walk with God than I could have ever dreamed. Farther than any teacher or mentor- because I knew they were watching me. I am so thankful for Camryn, Mackenzie, Katelyn,Brooklynne, Danielle, and Hannah (and many others I am sure I have forgotten to mention) – you girls pushed me like no one else could during that time.

Today, I have some new “Timothy” relationships in my life – my three sweet children. Sweet Friends, if you have children – any children, not just your own – in your life- you have little Timothy in your life. They are watching. They do mimic what you do. You are teaching your children faith. I even feel this with pressure with my niece, who I also hope always knows her Aunt loves her and wants her to know Jesus in a sweet way.  No matter how you are in their lives- if you know children – you are investing in the lives of others.

Having those you invest in is just as important – if not more so in some ways- then having others invest in you. If you just let others fill you up – you will begin to stink. People who are full of wisdom, who don’t give out- become like a sponge full of water. If you leave the water in your sponge- and never ring it out- it will begin to mold and stink. Wisdom that isn’t used rots- and things that rot stink.  Discipleship is a ministry that can happen in our homes, in our church – and in our world. It is a process- and it is what we were left on the planet to do.

Who are those that you are investing in? I would love to hear about who and how in the comments! <3

Worshiping With My Life,