Bible Study

Remembering – Passover to the Lord Supper

Remembering. We take photos and videos of life so that we can remember. Remember how little our kids were. How much fun we have had on  a vacation. There are tons of reasons and things we want to remember. For me, I will never forget the sounds of the waves crashing on my favorite spot in south Florida, or the way the sand felt between my toes. I don’t forget the millions of shark teeth I found with my grandmother, or the way we made mac and cheese. I will never forget the first day Lizzie called me Mommy – or the days that followed when Jared and then Bekah followed suit. I will never forget the way my husbands eyes looked the first time he told me he loved me. My Daddy and I standing, holding hands watching the rain come down on my wedding day. The first time I held my beautiful niece. Memories that are beautiful in my mind.

Not all memories come with beauty. Some come at the hand of hard times. I will never forget the morning I got the call that my Grandmother was sick in the hospital. Or the call that she had passed. Or driving down the road, saying that I would not curse God. The night we found out my Mother in Love would stop cancer treatments. These are memories I will never forget either.

This week,through studying with Good Morning Girls,  we walked through some of the last days of Jesus life, the ones that lead up to and surround the Last Supper, we see some of Jesus memories. We started in Exodus 12:1-14- before Christ birth on Earth, and we talked about the Passover. Oh, how the lamb had to be just so. God wanted that picture to be perfect -so that when they saw Jesus, they would know what they were looking at – and still – so many missed it. What a beautiful passage that gives us a reminder about the Passover! For the Israelite to be spared from the plague of death, there had to be blood of the lamb applied to the door post of their home. In order for me to be free from the death and it to not have a hold on me- I need to have THE BLOOD of THE LAMB applied to the post of my heart. There was so much significance and specifics about the lamb – and they all point to our spotless Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ! This reminded the Isrelaities that to be spared from death, innocent life had to be given. What a picture. For me to be saved from eternal death, Jesus perfect life had to be given for me. For me personally, I am remembering the time when the Blood of THE Lamb was applied to my life. The blood on my life changes who I belong to – and now I belong to Christ. I am sure there was frantics as the people went to each other, making sure they knew what they needed to do in order to be saved. AM I sharing this truth with others, so that, when the day comes, they too will have the blood of Jesus on the doorpost to their heart.

Next, we moved on to John 13:3-5, 14-15 –  I know this passage was something that the Disciples would remember for a long time. We find ourselves several hundred years later from yesterdays passage. Jesus sits down to partake of the Passover- which we celebrate today as Communion or The Lord’s Supper. They were going to remember what the Lord had done for them – little did they know that they were setting up a new ordinance for remembering.  The perfect Passover Lamb was in the house. The night before His death, we see Him serving the disciples- by washing their feet. If even He, God in the flesh, is willing to take the humblest position to serve – we as His followers should be willing servants too.AM I following Christ example of being a servant? Jesus served those closest to him- how am I serving those around me? The one thing the disciples would remember about Jesus is the way he served- right down to the end.

When we move on to Matthew 26-21-25, we see the first thing that stood out is that all the disciples had to ask “is it me Lord?”This reminds me how quickly I can go from walking with God, to betraying him with my actions. I love how this is pointed out, because it puts the focus back on me,and takes it off of Judas. It could have been me. I need to acknowledge my Judas moments, and be sure that I am living a life that points to Christ and doesn’t betray him. It says that it would be be better to not be born then to betray Jesus. I know I haven’t betrayed him like Judas has- but I know there have been times when I haven’t spoken about him like I should, or where my actions were anything but Christ like. Lord, help me today to consistently show love and grace in my life – and to live a life that reflects you and gives you glory.

“Take this cup, and as often as you drink of  it – do this in remembrance of me.” “Take this bread, and as often as you eat it – do this in remembrance of me”. Jesus was giving the disciples something tangible, a memory, so that when they would move forward in life, they would have something tangible that would remind them of this moment with Jesus. He wanted them to remember .  This would be an ordinance that the disciples, and Paul, would pass down, and even generations later, we take time to remember what Jesus did and sacrificed for us, through remembering the Lord’s Supper. When we drink of that cup, or eat of that bread, we are to do it out of a pure heart, remembering what Christ did for us on the cross. 1 Corinthians 10:14, 21-22 are clear – we need to flee from idolatry, from the things that bind us in this world, and worship the Lord.

God is the only one who is worthy of our worship, and the only one worthy of our praise. We need to take time during this Easter season, and take off the things-  flee from the things- that take our heart and affection away from the Lord, and remember what good and wonderful things HE has done.

Worshiping With My Life,