The Power of YOUR Testimony

Have you ever considered the power of your testimony? Each and every one of us have a story, and that is what a testimony is. It is the proof of the existence of something in your life – and as a Christian, you are showing the existence of God and His Authorship in your life. This month, we are going to be sharing the power of a Testimony, and throughout the month, we are going to look at the testimonies of some of the people in scripture, and some of the wonderful women I get to minister with her at Women of Worship. Let’s start today with talking about the POWER in a testimony – including yours.

Often times, when churches or small groups ask you to share your testimony, many people don’t know what to share. Your testimony is simple – it is how you came to Christ, and what He has done in your life since. A testimony doesn’t have to mean that you have gone through some dark space in your life – many people have a testimony of being raised in a Christian home, with Godly parents, and coming to Christ at a young age. Often, people refer to this as a “boring testimony” – however, this is the testimony I pray my children have. I want them to walk in Truth from an early age. However, no testimony is boring. Testimonies are not about who has the biggest and best story, or the one that brings the most tears- but the one that brings God glory. When we had over the pen of our life, and put it back in our Creator’s – we allow Him to write the in’s and outs of our story. Often, it won’t look like we thought it would – but always, it will point others back to Christ.

One of the main reasons for our testimony is to point others to Christ. No matter what we have, or have not, gone through, there is someone out there who needs to read the gospel through your life. If you are living a life where God is in control, your are going to allow God to move and control the things in your life to bring Him glory. That will be your life goal. The desires of your heart will change, and they will match the desires of His.

Satan tries to throw us curve balls in life. However, one of my favorite verses (and songs) is that of Overcome by Jeremy Camp. The premise of this song is that we are conquers in Christ. When the song goes on to tell how we Overcome it is by two things that are found in Revelation 12:11

And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. (Revelation 12:11 ESV)

We are more than conquers in Christ- by His perfect blood, but also by the Word of our Testimony. That is how others come to know Him. They come to know Him when we are bold enough to share our stories – the ones that are boring, or full of twist and turns. The ones that are simple and sweet, and those that cause tears.  When we share our testimony, we are sharing what Christ has done in our lives- and what He continues to do. His power is written all over us. Then people are able to by faith trust in Christ and what His blood did on the cross, and they too can move from death to life everlasting.

Have you ever shared your testimony? What feelings are evoked in you when you think about sharing your testimony? Would you even know where to start? Well, this month, we are going to talk about HOW to share your testimony, and give you some great written and verbal examples of some. I hope you will not only connect with our writer team in a more personal way, but that you would pray for boldness and opportunity to share YOUR story with someone else. It could change eternity.