Peaceful Parenting: Peaceful Training

The beginning of peaceful parenting starts with planning. We must plan how we want to raise our kids, what we want to teach them, how we will correct their behavior, etc. Once we’ve planned, our plans must turn into action. In order for our homes to be peaceful, we must be at peace in our parenting choices and begin training our children according to those same choices and plans.

Peaceful training comes from peaceful parents. Peaceful parents come from a close relationship with God. His peace passes all understanding and when we’re walking with Him, we are blessed with His peace.

So, how do you implement child training in a peaceful way? What steps should you take to get started?
1. Mind your manners.

Yes, we are the parents and we need to be obeyed, but we must ensure we’re practicing the manners we expect from our children. Sometimes including a please or thank you can instantly change an attitude or a conversation’s direction.
2. Be consistent.

Once you’ve set up the rules or told your child no, stick to it. Don’t give in or change your mind, it simply confuses your child and can weaken your authority. This step is exactly why planning first is key to peaceful training, you must know what your rules and expectations are in order to be consistent.

Peaceful Parenting: Peaceful Training
3. Lower your voice.

Even if you aren’t yelling or upset, the tone in which we parent comes across more harshly than we realize. Take 2 seconds and lower your voice one decibel, you’ll be surprised at how different it sounds to your own ears.
4. Expect your child to obey and do well.

Our kids are very in tune with us and if they sense we don’t expect them to obey or that we think they can’t do something, then they often won’t bother to try. We must believe in our children so they can believe in themselves.
5. Lovingly disciple.

Our children will make mistakes, after all they are sinners just like us. We must take them to God’s word to show them what God says about their specific incorrect behavior and why it’s wrong. Showing them in God’s word teaches them it isn’t our rules, it’s bigger than us, they’re God’s. Parenting requires retraining throughout our kids lives. It’s important to readdress the specific rule or expectation we have that they’ve broken and why it’s important to follow then, each time they’ve disobeyed us because…(see #5) consistency is key.

Peaceful training isn’t an overnight process nor will it happen 100% of the time. We don’t like in a perfect world and we aren’t perfect people.

When we make the decision and efforts that creating a peaceful home requires, we will find ourselves more at peace as parents when the difficulties do come along.

Remember…peace comes from God…

We are peaceful parents when we’re walking closely with Him…

Peaceful training begins with planning and continues with loving consistency.