Bible Study

Hard Work Pays Off: A Biblical Principle

Hard Work. Either you love it, or you don’t. A good work ethic is hard to find- in the business world, or even just as a volunteer or for a cause. However, hard work is a very Biblical idea- one that started at the beginning of time – and can transcend all areas of our or lives. Today, let’s take a look at Psalm 128:2 and see how:

Psalm 128:2 (ESV) “You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.”

Farmers work so hard all year long in order for us to eat. They go from preparing the ground, plowing the ground, planting, fertilizing, and tending. Then, they get the joy of bringing in the harvest. Better yet, some of those wonderful goods end up on their very own table. Once, I grew a green pepper plant (Yes, I said once. I don’t have a big green thumb). There was so much work in getting that plant to grow. However, there wasn’t a tastier green pepper that I ever ate then the one I grew myself.

The same is true for our parenting. There is no greater joy then to see our children walk in truth. Yet, any of us that have been parenting very long (especially if you have teenagers) would tell you there is MUCH labor involved in raising children. However, it is so rewarding to see the fruit of your labor pay off in the lives of your children.

Working hard can be tiresome. Recently, I started another year of teaching preschool. On top of all our adoption  adventures. On top of raising three kids. On top of keeping my home. On top of being a helpmeet to my husband. A woman’s work is never done, or so the saying goes. However, we need to be sure that we look at the second part of this verse for some added encouragement. Yes, work is hard. Yes, it is wonderful to eat the fruit. It says that we will be blessed and that it will be well with us when we are productive. However, we need to be sure we ARE being productive! We need to be sure what we are doing is fruitful, and not just busy.

Friends, it is important that we are sure that we prioritize our time. That we do what we do well – for the glory of the Lord. His name (Oh, His great name) is on what we do. When we do it half way – that has His name on it. In order for our work to be blessed – it must be fruitful. Which might mean we need to do LESS work, so that the work we DO will be fruitful.

This week, I have been working hard on promoting our adoption – and trying to help raise the funds we need for our adoption. I have been working hard (along with some of my favorite girls!) – yet right now, I don’t know the fruit of my labor. I have pinned. I have wrote. I have shared. I have cried. Above all, I have prayed. The promotion team has done these things as well. I hope that they will be excited about the fruit of their labors.

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