Goodnight Ark: A Review

One of my favorite parts of the day is reading my little girl her bed time story. Lately though, she has been reading good night stories to me. Today, I am excited to share one of our new favorites, “Goodnight Ark”.

Good Night Ark   tells the story of Noah and the ark in a humorous way for children. It parody’s how many nights go in lots of our households- with extra people in the bed! Noah is trying hard to get some sleep, but his new animal friends just won’t let him! It makes light of the age old question of how Noah would get any sleep with all those animals!

I loved how easy to read this book was. As a mom, this is important to me- I want my little girl to be able to read the book along with me. The pictures are beautifully done. I also love that the author used some unusual animals in the story- like a quail! There are lots of repetitive words and animal sounds for the early reader to be able to help you read the story to them. It’s bedtime theme makes it a great story for bedtime.  I would say this book is geared for ages 3-8.

Now, if you are looking to teach the story about Noah’s Ark – in it’s complete, Biblical way, then this might not be the book you would use .There is no reference to Noah building the ark, to his wife and sons (or their wives). It actually looks like Noah was on the ark by himself with all these animals. Noah never gets off the ark in this book- he barely gets any sleep! I really loved this book as a story book – and a sweet, funny story line- but I would not use it on a Sunday Morning when i was teaching Bible story. I would us it in the preschool setting the week I teach Noah’s Ark – but I would be teaching that this book is fiction and not meant to tell “the whole story.” It would be a great story to use for a compare or contrast activity.

All in all, I think this book is an awesome book for homes. There is nothing that goes against our Christian beliefs – and it led to some great conversations in our household.