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Mercy To The Least of These

Who is our neighbor? When this answer was asked of Jesus, the response was – anyone who  is around us. The story of the Great Samaritian showed that to be true. It wasn’t the person who should have helped- who should have shown himself to be a neighbor to the hurt man. No, it was the last person you would expect.

I have found the same to be true lately. The people who are closest to me are not always to people in closest proximity. Yet, we are called- called to minister. Not just to those who are near us. Not just to those who it is easy to love. We are called to show

The people that automatically come to mind as neighbors are those I live with. My family. These are the people I live with. How generous with my time and resources am I with those who are closest to me? It would seem that we are the most generous to them- but they are often the first we take from. We need to remember that our family is our first ministry. Behind God, they are our first priority. Yet, they are often the ones we are quickest to give our least to – the end of our resources. We need to give them the best of us.

The next people are those who are truly our neighbors. The ones who live in front, behind, and beside you. We live in a culture that doesn’t know their neighbors anymore. You give the casual wave as you drive out the driveway – but yet, we give no care to their deepest need – the way they might be poor – in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We need to take back hospitality and get to know our neighbors.

What about the homeless? The less fortunate. You may even know their faces in your community. Are you blessing these people – or just scared of them. I do think we need to use caution – but I believe God places them in our lives for a reason.

Lastly, I want to take a step out even further. To the widows and orphans. The book of James tells us that true religion is in how we care for these important people. If you have spent any time here at all, you know my heart for adoption. It goes beyond the baby I am going to one day hold- to all the orphans- the 101,666 orphans world wide – that don’t have a home. That are poor. They live in less then great conditions – or are born to parents that can’t take care of them, but don’t feel like they have an option either. The wonderful women who choose life for their babies  – even at the cost of their own. Then, the widows. The ones we have left behind. They feel uncared for by the world. They need encouragement. A meal. Cards at the holidays. A visit. Simple moments of our time, that show that they are still cared about – after the one human in the world who loved them with all their being is gone. These two groups of people will pull at your heart strings, stretch you – and push you beyond yourself. We need to extend the mercy of God to these.

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The Lord Is My Help

“I can do it.” Those words have come out of my mouth way more often then they probably should. After being single later in life then most girls my age, I learned how to do a lot of things on my own – pump gas, change a tire, basic plumbing. When I got married, it really took a conscience effort to make sure that I was submitting to my husband. However, a lesson I had to learn – both as a single lady, and as a married one, is that I am suppose to have help. I wasn’t created to do life on my own. I also learned my hubby wasn’t created to complete me. No, there was Someone else that was to be my Help.

Often, when we think of the Lord, we don’t think of Him as our help. We are quick to give Him the term of Lord, Savior, and even Master of our lives. As we should. He is all of those things. Yet, He also is our help. As we read scripture, we find over and over again places where God is refereed to as our help. Today, we are going to look at Psalm 146:3-8.

In this Psalm, we see man as inadequate to be the a savior. We should not put our trust in any man- not even in our government. Every human you know is mortal – all men will perish. The day we die, anything left undone by us will stay that way. There is nothing that anyone can do for us once they are passed away. We miss them, but the truth still remains that they have passed on. Only God can provide the help that we need.

All of us are in need. From the day we are born, we are in need of God- we are in need of a Savior. The Bible is clear that we have all sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. Sin can not be in the presence  of the Lord. Only Christ can meet the need we have for Salvation – so He is the help. Interestingly, the word for help in this Psalm is the same word that is used in Genesis when God describes the help meet (wife) for Adam – and what we are meant to be for our husbands. AS we help our husbands, we provide a help only WE can do – just as Christ is the only one who can help us with our need for salvation.

When we are relying on God to be the help that we need, we truly are happy – happy because we know the One that is going to help us is going to meet us right where we are, and do way better for us then anyone on this earth ever could. We can also, as women, be happy knowing that as we help our husbands, we are showing the world how we were uniquely created in the image of God- to be a helper.

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Strengthening Your Marriage While In Crisis Mode

It is easy to assume that in our married life that trouble is not going to make it’s self comfortable. In fact most of us probably never even thought about the issues our marriage could potentially face.I mean really who thinks about family members getting sick, family members passing on, job loss and spiritual struggles when they are looking at their husband’s on their wedding day. When these crisis situations occur we are often ill prepared and we often times do not handle them very well because something inside us will just not allow it. We wives go into fix it mode and we forget often times that our husband’s are there to help as well.


The question is how do we keep our marriages strong while we are living in crisis mode? How do we continue to nurture one of our most important relationships on this Earth? You see it is easy, as women, to withdraw ourselves. To bottle up everything that is going on. Yet, this leads to hurt feelings and un-needed stress on our marriage. Now I am not saying that our husbands don’t do the same but today I am only speaking from the vantage point I know.

These crisis moments are actually good things. They are molding moments. They allow us to depend on each other in ways we never thought possible. We can learn to rely on each other for support and actually grow stronger as a unit. The key however is good communication. We can not allow ourselves to shut down and such out each other. Of course this open communication thing also requires listening to our husbands as well.  This type of communication will strengthen  your marriage far above anything that you can imagine and it will also insure that you are on the same page. This is extremely important for me since my husband and I both see things totally different. Being on the same page also insures that the crisis situation at hand will not become a crisis situation in your marriage.

Take time to pray with each other. Often times I forget to pull my husband in on my prayer sessions when I am praying about a problem. It is just as important to have prayer time with our husband as it is for us to have prayer time alone. Seeking counsel from God together helps you both see into each others hearts. Not to mention it is such a soothing sound to hear my husband pray with me about a crisis I am dealing with. It in fact deepens my love for him even more.

Remember that you are facing this crisis together. Often times if I am dealing with a family situation I forget that though it may be affecting me directly it is still affecting my husband because what affects me in fact affect him. If we would spend more time working together we would actually remember  that we are not facing the world alone. We would remember that we are in fact a united front against the world.

Do not allow the crisis to consume you. I am a self proclaimed recovering worrier. I can allow a problem to consume me. The problem with this is when I do allow it to consume my thoughts guess who is put on the back burner…My dear husband. This in turn once again causes hurt feelings and a lot of confusion. Allowing a crisis to consume you can help bring your marriage to it’s knees. Remember to instead continue to put your husband first and then move forward. As long as you are practicing open communication and praying together this will be easy to do because he will already know what you need and you will know his.

Crisis situations are always going to pop up. It is just a fact of life. However instead of letting it hinder our marriage how about we allow it to strengthen it.