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Preparing For Travel: Mommy Goes and Family Stays- Tips and Tricks

It doesn’t happen very often. Those few times that Mommy goes away, and the whole family stays behind. However, sometimes, it is needed -and first off – Mommy, that is okay! I am of the belief that we are better wives and mommies if we take some time for ourselves occasionally. Now, usually, for me, that just means a grocery store run by myself, Target and a Starbucks, or maybe a haircut while the kids are at school. However, there are times, especially if you are a working Mommy or if there are ladies events at church – where Mommy might go off for a day or so, and leave the family at home.

When those times come, I don’t think it is our job to let go of our responsibilities. Quiet the opposite – I feel like it is my job to try to see the needs of my family in advance, and help plan and prepare for them. So, I try to follow a few basic steps for when I am gone and they are here.

1) I plan a menu- I think through things that are going to work for my husband or my thirteen year old (who loves to be in the kitchen – and it is good for her!) can do. I pick some of the meals that are my least favorite, but are quick, easy and fun for the kids. Sometimes, I do the prep work – sometimes I don’t. However, I leave the ideas on the counter. I go to the store and stock up on everything they will need. I know how hard it is to go shopping with all of us- and so I try not to give that to my husband. Also – it works better for our budget (can I get an Amen!).

2) I do laundry in advance. I normally am a one load a day (to completion) kinda gal, but in the days leading up to a trip, I try to do two or so. This way, they are not spending time doing my laundry while they are gone.

3) I plan outfits- for the children who are not yet matching clothes by themselves. I lay it out and make sure it is all together. Nothing worse then a Sunday morning “I spy” game to find a dress shoe.

4) I try to find a few, easy and fun things for the family to do. My husband does a great job of this on his own, but I like to find some things to help keep everyone busy so that they make good memories while I am gone.

5) I write each one a note – reminding them how much I love them, and giving any special instructions. Mostly though, to tell them I love them.

6) Make some special time for each one- I try to take some good snuggle time with each person in my house hold before I go  – including hubby. Especially hubby. Be intimate. There… now let’s move on

I don’t leave a honey do list of things I expect to be done when I get home. If the house is standing, the kids are alive, and everyone is happy- then so am I.

I don’t have an expectation about what I will find at home when I get there (happy kids, well rested, and clean house) – I have found when I let my expectations wander- well, I am more often upset because SOMETHING doesn’t fit. Also, I would rather be pleasantly surprised then severely disappointed.

Lastly, I pray. Be sure to cover your home in prayer – even when you are not there. Then, go get refreshed- if only for two hours- and come home and jump back in! Thank God for the time He gives you to rest, and then do what God has given you to do with the right attitude!

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Remembering – Passover to the Lord Supper

Remembering. We take photos and videos of life so that we can remember. Remember how little our kids were. How much fun we have had on  a vacation. There are tons of reasons and things we want to remember. For me, I will never forget the sounds of the waves crashing on my favorite spot in south Florida, or the way the sand felt between my toes. I don’t forget the millions of shark teeth I found with my grandmother, or the way we made mac and cheese. I will never forget the first day Lizzie called me Mommy – or the days that followed when Jared and then Bekah followed suit. I will never forget the way my husbands eyes looked the first time he told me he loved me. My Daddy and I standing, holding hands watching the rain come down on my wedding day. The first time I held my beautiful niece. Memories that are beautiful in my mind.

Not all memories come with beauty. Some come at the hand of hard times. I will never forget the morning I got the call that my Grandmother was sick in the hospital. Or the call that she had passed. Or driving down the road, saying that I would not curse God. The night we found out my Mother in Love would stop cancer treatments. These are memories I will never forget either.

This week,through studying with Good Morning Girls,  we walked through some of the last days of Jesus life, the ones that lead up to and surround the Last Supper, we see some of Jesus memories. We started in Exodus 12:1-14- before Christ birth on Earth, and we talked about the Passover. Oh, how the lamb had to be just so. God wanted that picture to be perfect -so that when they saw Jesus, they would know what they were looking at – and still – so many missed it. What a beautiful passage that gives us a reminder about the Passover! For the Israelite to be spared from the plague of death, there had to be blood of the lamb applied to the door post of their home. In order for me to be free from the death and it to not have a hold on me- I need to have THE BLOOD of THE LAMB applied to the post of my heart. There was so much significance and specifics about the lamb – and they all point to our spotless Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ! This reminded the Isrelaities that to be spared from death, innocent life had to be given. What a picture. For me to be saved from eternal death, Jesus perfect life had to be given for me. For me personally, I am remembering the time when the Blood of THE Lamb was applied to my life. The blood on my life changes who I belong to – and now I belong to Christ. I am sure there was frantics as the people went to each other, making sure they knew what they needed to do in order to be saved. AM I sharing this truth with others, so that, when the day comes, they too will have the blood of Jesus on the doorpost to their heart.

Next, we moved on to John 13:3-5, 14-15 –  I know this passage was something that the Disciples would remember for a long time. We find ourselves several hundred years later from yesterdays passage. Jesus sits down to partake of the Passover- which we celebrate today as Communion or The Lord’s Supper. They were going to remember what the Lord had done for them – little did they know that they were setting up a new ordinance for remembering.  The perfect Passover Lamb was in the house. The night before His death, we see Him serving the disciples- by washing their feet. If even He, God in the flesh, is willing to take the humblest position to serve – we as His followers should be willing servants too.AM I following Christ example of being a servant? Jesus served those closest to him- how am I serving those around me? The one thing the disciples would remember about Jesus is the way he served- right down to the end.

When we move on to Matthew 26-21-25, we see the first thing that stood out is that all the disciples had to ask “is it me Lord?”This reminds me how quickly I can go from walking with God, to betraying him with my actions. I love how this is pointed out, because it puts the focus back on me,and takes it off of Judas. It could have been me. I need to acknowledge my Judas moments, and be sure that I am living a life that points to Christ and doesn’t betray him. It says that it would be be better to not be born then to betray Jesus. I know I haven’t betrayed him like Judas has- but I know there have been times when I haven’t spoken about him like I should, or where my actions were anything but Christ like. Lord, help me today to consistently show love and grace in my life – and to live a life that reflects you and gives you glory.

“Take this cup, and as often as you drink of  it – do this in remembrance of me.” “Take this bread, and as often as you eat it – do this in remembrance of me”. Jesus was giving the disciples something tangible, a memory, so that when they would move forward in life, they would have something tangible that would remind them of this moment with Jesus. He wanted them to remember .  This would be an ordinance that the disciples, and Paul, would pass down, and even generations later, we take time to remember what Jesus did and sacrificed for us, through remembering the Lord’s Supper. When we drink of that cup, or eat of that bread, we are to do it out of a pure heart, remembering what Christ did for us on the cross. 1 Corinthians 10:14, 21-22 are clear – we need to flee from idolatry, from the things that bind us in this world, and worship the Lord.

God is the only one who is worthy of our worship, and the only one worthy of our praise. We need to take time during this Easter season, and take off the things-  flee from the things- that take our heart and affection away from the Lord, and remember what good and wonderful things HE has done.

Worshiping With My Life,

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For Such a Time (with Link Up)

This week, I have been doing some reading in Esther. I was reading along and came to my all time favorite verse, both in the book and probably a top 10 in scripture.

For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another palace, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. Esther 4:14

I know my Friday post are usually deep – and really, I feel like this verse speaks for itself. I feel like it could be one of my life verses. There have been so many times that I have felt God use these words to tug at my heart strings, confirming in me things He has planned for me, that I am scared to do. Like…

– Going to a foreign mission field, and letting my heart get so tied in there that even today, I yearn to go back. It is a distant home to me, and I have been there 5 times. My heart and my soul yearns to be with the people I have invested in, and been invested by, there.

– When I started 4 years of “in house” seminary training at my church. Not sure what God was going to do with  – only knowing that I was to be obedient.

-As I mentored and discipled teenage girls to walk in truth.

-When God called me to be the wife, and mama, to a husband and children who had lost theirs. Oh, the times are not always easy as we deal with grief, loss, and hard things. However, oh how we have grown, and oh the testimony of love that God has given us.

-When God moved me from Florida to South Carolina, away from all my family and friends.

-As I walked through the doors of becoming a mother of a child with Special Needs.

-As I began to help with the leadership of Good Morning Girls…. and then God called me to start blogging… and then to Marriage,Motherhood and Missions, and A Look At the Book.

-As I began to fight the battle of infertility.

-As God has placed on our family the desire to adopt – and as we watch Him bring in every…single…dollar. As He connects us with families that are adopting, and gives us ministry because of it.

-As God moved us churches  – stretching us beyond what we could image.

– As God continues to do great things in my ministry (and for that you will have to wait – but know – BIG things are coming soon!)

God has moved me and stretched me so many times. In each season, in each change, and in each growing experiance, He has reminded me that He has prepared me for the things He is asking me to do.

Oh friend, is God asking you to do something for HIS kingdom? Does it seem bigger then you? Well, your right, it probably is. I have watched God give me “God-Size” dreams – and prepare me, and then use me, in each and every one. Trust Him today to do things only HE can do, so that HE can get the glory. He has prepared you, for such a time as this.

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I am God’s Beloved

I am God’s beloved. Those words were not ones that I felt like I could say all of my life. I surrendered my life to Christ when I was fifteen years old. I hadn’t had a hard life, and I hadn’t done what the world would classify as “big sin” (there are not big sins- in God’s economy, it is all the same). I knew God loved me. I believed God loved me. I had seen evidence of it my whole life. Yet, I wouldn’t have said that I was God’s beloved.

Life continued to move forward, and time marched on. It wasn’t always beautiful – actually, it was downright ugly at times. I remember being a senior in high school and wondering why bad things happened. Sadly, it was only the tip of a the ice berg. Teachers who passed away, friends who were not true, a verbally and emotionally abusive boyfriend – and not feeling like I could get out, life just got hard. I knew God was walking with me. I could feel His presence in each step.

Zephaniah 3:17 says that God is there in my midst. In the midst of all those hard times, and many more to follow, God was there. He comforted me with His love more times than I can count.

He was also there in some of my great times. Times of sharing His truth with others – even to the uttermost parts of the World. Watching teenage girls surrender their hearts and all of them to the Lord. When I fell in love- and even the same day became a mom. Even in those moments, God was in my midst. He rejoiced over me with singing.

As I read the passages this week through my Good Morning Girls  study, You Are Loved, I saw God’s intimate love for me in a new way. I knew it was there- but I felt it. I saw the evidence that had always been there, like the penned words of the song that He has sung over me.

I know the truth of the words I had heard – I am God’s Beloved.

Oh Lord, you are so good to me. You woo and pursue our hearts, and are right there in our midst- no matter what that midst might look like right now. Thank you for loving me  – and comforting me with that love, and rejoicing over me with singing. Thank you for loving me so much – and being willing to show me till I see it. Till I understand it. And I know this is only the beginning.

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Mercy To The Least of These

Who is our neighbor? When this answer was asked of Jesus, the response was – anyone who  is around us. The story of the Great Samaritian showed that to be true. It wasn’t the person who should have helped- who should have shown himself to be a neighbor to the hurt man. No, it was the last person you would expect.

I have found the same to be true lately. The people who are closest to me are not always to people in closest proximity. Yet, we are called- called to minister. Not just to those who are near us. Not just to those who it is easy to love. We are called to show

The people that automatically come to mind as neighbors are those I live with. My family. These are the people I live with. How generous with my time and resources am I with those who are closest to me? It would seem that we are the most generous to them- but they are often the first we take from. We need to remember that our family is our first ministry. Behind God, they are our first priority. Yet, they are often the ones we are quickest to give our least to – the end of our resources. We need to give them the best of us.

The next people are those who are truly our neighbors. The ones who live in front, behind, and beside you. We live in a culture that doesn’t know their neighbors anymore. You give the casual wave as you drive out the driveway – but yet, we give no care to their deepest need – the way they might be poor – in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We need to take back hospitality and get to know our neighbors.

What about the homeless? The less fortunate. You may even know their faces in your community. Are you blessing these people – or just scared of them. I do think we need to use caution – but I believe God places them in our lives for a reason.

Lastly, I want to take a step out even further. To the widows and orphans. The book of James tells us that true religion is in how we care for these important people. If you have spent any time here at all, you know my heart for adoption. It goes beyond the baby I am going to one day hold- to all the orphans- the 101,666 orphans world wide – that don’t have a home. That are poor. They live in less then great conditions – or are born to parents that can’t take care of them, but don’t feel like they have an option either. The wonderful women who choose life for their babies  – even at the cost of their own. Then, the widows. The ones we have left behind. They feel uncared for by the world. They need encouragement. A meal. Cards at the holidays. A visit. Simple moments of our time, that show that they are still cared about – after the one human in the world who loved them with all their being is gone. These two groups of people will pull at your heart strings, stretch you – and push you beyond yourself. We need to extend the mercy of God to these.

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The Lord Is My Help

“I can do it.” Those words have come out of my mouth way more often then they probably should. After being single later in life then most girls my age, I learned how to do a lot of things on my own – pump gas, change a tire, basic plumbing. When I got married, it really took a conscience effort to make sure that I was submitting to my husband. However, a lesson I had to learn – both as a single lady, and as a married one, is that I am suppose to have help. I wasn’t created to do life on my own. I also learned my hubby wasn’t created to complete me. No, there was Someone else that was to be my Help.

Often, when we think of the Lord, we don’t think of Him as our help. We are quick to give Him the term of Lord, Savior, and even Master of our lives. As we should. He is all of those things. Yet, He also is our help. As we read scripture, we find over and over again places where God is refereed to as our help. Today, we are going to look at Psalm 146:3-8.

In this Psalm, we see man as inadequate to be the a savior. We should not put our trust in any man- not even in our government. Every human you know is mortal – all men will perish. The day we die, anything left undone by us will stay that way. There is nothing that anyone can do for us once they are passed away. We miss them, but the truth still remains that they have passed on. Only God can provide the help that we need.

All of us are in need. From the day we are born, we are in need of God- we are in need of a Savior. The Bible is clear that we have all sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. Sin can not be in the presence  of the Lord. Only Christ can meet the need we have for Salvation – so He is the help. Interestingly, the word for help in this Psalm is the same word that is used in Genesis when God describes the help meet (wife) for Adam – and what we are meant to be for our husbands. AS we help our husbands, we provide a help only WE can do – just as Christ is the only one who can help us with our need for salvation.

When we are relying on God to be the help that we need, we truly are happy – happy because we know the One that is going to help us is going to meet us right where we are, and do way better for us then anyone on this earth ever could. We can also, as women, be happy knowing that as we help our husbands, we are showing the world how we were uniquely created in the image of God- to be a helper.

If this passage was an encouragement for you today, why don’t you hop on over to our co-hosts, and check out what they are saying about the same passage!

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A New Adventure: Blogging Through The Bible

The most important thing you can do is to read your Bible. I know that sounds almost cliche to say as a Christian – but it is true. The way that we sustain our spiritual walk with the Lord, the way we grow as a Christian- is through reading God’s Word. Today, I am excited to announce that I will be joining Courtney, from Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls in “Blogging Through the Bible.

In the past, Good Morning Girl group sessions lasted 8 weeks. You would read one chapter a week – usually breaking that chapter up into 5 pieces. Sometimes, we would hop around the Bible. However, this time, it is going to be different. This time, we are going to strive to accomplish a big goal. We are going to read through the Bible. Not in one year- like most plans, but over over three.

Each day, we will read one chapter of the Bible. We will bounce all over- starting in Esther. What an amazing book to start in – one that speaks of a woman’s faith and courage to stand – even when it seemed like it could cost her everything – even her life. The reading will be seven days a week -not five. It will be simple. It will be the Bible.

Each week, on Friday’s, I am going to write about what I have read that week. I may include a video. But, I want to share this journey with you. I want to be accountable- not just to a small group- but to my readers here as well.

I have only ever read through the Bible once, in my 17 year walk with the Lord. I want to read it – and not just check the boxes (although if I am honest, my OCD brain loves them!) but to dig in deep. To really pull it a part. To examine in. Then, on Fridays, I will share those post with you.

Now, here is where you come in. I would love for you to join me. If you head over to the Women Living Well site- the forum is up – you can create a group, or join a group. I will host a group on Facebook – for encouragement ,and also for reading the Word of God every day. Request to join! I will give this link several times a year.

If you get behind – don’t give up! Every day, God’s mercies are new. Every day you can begin again. Let’s be an encouragement to each other!

If you have come over from Women Living Well today – welcome! I am so excited to be a part of the administration team and look forward to serving you! I hope you will find the encouragement on this blog to an encouragement to you and your walk – and worship- of the King!

Comment below if you are joining in (with my group or not!)

Don’t forget- the Kelly Adoption Bundle is coming your way NEXT WEEK! Tune in Monday to see the great bundle we have!

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Beauty From Ashes – An Abortion Testimony

For as long as I can remember I have always felt worthless, not good enough for anyone or anything. My parents had a nasty divorce and like most young children, I believed it was somehow my fault. In the years after my mom fell into a deep depression and lashed out all her anger at me often telling me I was worthless, just like my dad. My self-esteem continued to be shattered as I was bullied through out middle and high school. Not only did the girls spread nasty rumors about me, but they also poured soda in my locker, would steal my books, and threaten me. As if their torture wasn’t enough to break me, an upper-classman raped me my freshman year. I was 14. Like many girls who are raped, I kept it a secret as much as I could. Who would believe a nobody like me?

By my senior year the count down to graduation was on! I promised myself as soon as school was out I would leave my small town and start a new life, a fresh clean start. That year ended up being the worst. Two of my best friends died and a guy I trusted decided to drug and rape me. Yep, again. I was raped again! This time I couldn’t pretend it didn’t happen because this time I was pregnant. I drank and partied a lot, even made out with guys, but I didn’t sleep around. There was no doubt how I got pregnant and at that moment I wanted to die. A week before my rape I was videoed saying, “Abortion is wrong! Even if I got pregnant I would NEVER have an abortion.” Yet living in that moment I didn’t see another way out. I was completely terrified. Graduation was fast approaching and all I wanted was to leave, to escape, to be someone else. I had been told by almost everyone I knew that I was no good, worthless, a nobody. Why couldn’t I just disappear. Suicide seemed like the best answer. I stood in our kitchen with a carving knife in my hand ready to end it once and for all. This was how I would be brave. I went back and forth debating to slash my wrists or cut my throat. Tears flooding from my eyes. I wanted to leave a big bloody mess for my mom to find. I wanted her, the mean girls from school, the guys who raped me to know they caused this. They pushed me to end my life. In the midst of my sobs and the chaos going through my mind I heard God say, “This is not the end for you. I will use this someday for good.” I really thought I was losing my mind. Why would God care whether or not I died? He didn’t protect me from any of this! Where was He when all of this was going on? I was so angry with Him! I heard my mom getting out of her bed so I threw the knife down and went to my room.

The next day I wrote the guy who raped me a letter telling him that if he paid for the abortion I wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened and I would move away when it was over. I did confess to a few friends, but no one tried to talk me out of the abortion. There was no Google or YouTube for me to search for truth in 1998. I didn’t know about pregnancy resource centers who are available for girls with unplanned pregnancies. I was too afraid to tell my mom or anyone in my family, the ladies from my church, school teachers, or any other adult. I was frightened they wouldn’t believe me about the rape, that they would tell me I deserved it and I would have to stay trapped in that town forever. When I was 16 I had watched a movie that showed protesters outside an abortion clinic screaming “baby killer” and threw things at the girls going inside. The movie also had the protesters blow up the clinic. On the way to my appointment I hoped those protesters would be there. I knew if I was faced with any opposition I was chicken out. I was not brave, I was scared, numb, naive, and greatly confused. I knew what I was a bout to do was wrong and I desperately wanted someone to stop me, but when I got to the clinic no one was there.I walked in and told the receptionist I was raped and wasn’t sure if I wanted to have an abortion. She told me to talk to the nurse. I told the nurse and she told me to tell the counselor. I told the “counselor” and she told me to sign a piece of paper saying I understood the procedure. I signed it even though I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand anything. How come no one wanted to help me? I guess what everyone said was true, “If you get pregnant from rape, you have an abortion.” And so I did.

I kept my promise and moved a few days later. I didn’t just leave my small town, I left the entire state. I moved in with my dad and began college a week later. I thought I could finally start over. That’s the lie they tell you when you have an abortion. You can go on with your life as if nothing happened. Only something did happen and it was only a matter of time before it caught up with me. I started going to a Christian club on campus. I had gone to church enough to know how to act like a Christian. Smile a lot, carry a Bible, don’t drink, don’t party, be good, be happy. Then one night I began to have horrible nightmares. Bloody, gruesome nightmares. A little boy was screaming for me to help him, but my rapist was there and I was paralyzed with fear. Many were much worse and vivid, so much so I started to drink again to numb me. I couldn’t tell my new Christian friends or the director of the club. I believed they would, judge me and kick me out. I was afraid they would call me a murderer and would realize that I was worthless. This went on for months until I was arrested for under-age drinking. Instead of kicking me out, the director and his wife sat me down and asked me what was going on. At this point I realized I had nothing to lose so I confessed everything to them. I held my breath waiting for them to scream “baby killer,” but they didn’t. They told me they loved me and they were sorry I had gone through all of it. They also told me that Jesus loved me and they led me to Christ. I wish I could tell you it was happily ever after, but that’s not how Satan works.

Shortly afterward I met my husband and we began dating. He came from a good, Christian family and I assumed he was too good for me. I had told him about my past and for some strange reason it didn’t scare him away. I transferred to a university the following year, he had gotten his first job four hours away. I was gone from my Christian friends who knew the truth about me and Satan let me believe that I couldn’t talk about it at my new school. Satan loves to get us isolated, feeling alone or abandoned. It’s easier for him to attack us that way. My nightmares came back and I began drinking again to escape the pain I felt. I wrestled with God about my abortion. By this point I didn’t care about my rape anymore. I finally understood I didn’t abort my rapist’s child, I killed MY child. My flesh and my blood. I knew Jesus forgave me, but I refused to forgive myself. I diligently worked toward forgiving my mom, the bullies, and my rapists for the things they did to me, but I vowed never to forgive myself. Finally one day I fell at the altar at church and cried out to God, “What do you possibly see when You see me?” And He told me He saw me as beautiful. That day I quit using alcohol to cope with my issues. I graduated, got married, started teaching, had a baby and I thought that was it. My life is good. Except that I killed my child. That was still there.

I figured I could volunteer at a CPC and try to keep other girls from having an abortion and that would somehow right the wrong I had done. The precious director of the CPC told me because i was post abortive I couldn’t volunteer until I had gone through a post abortive Bible study for healing. I tried to explain to her that I was a Christian, I was good, Jesus forgave me, all was well. But she insisted I do the class so I gave in, That’s another lie Satan tells us, that we are ok. He will gladly use the Bible to convince us we don;t need further help or healing. He wants to keep us in bondage so we aren’t free to be who God created us to be. I hated the class! I hated having to talk about my abortion, about my anger, my grief. I held on to my fear, shame, & worthlessness with every fiber in my being because I deserved to carry that pain. Only that’s why Jesus died, to set me free. And one night during the study I read from Isaiah 43 and as I read the words, ” Do not fear, for I have REDEEMED you, I have called you by name, you are MINE!” I could feel the Holy Spirit releasing me from the shackles I clenched to. The more I read the more I could feel the love of Christ wash over me and I was healed! No more shame, no more guilt, no more fear, no more worthlessness! It was gone! I felt like a new creation!

At the end of our Bible study we had a memorial for the babies we aborted. It was a beautiful time that brought even more healing. I realized it was my unborn son, Joshua, who led me to Christ. My love for my son is as real as my love for my other children. My love for him and knowing he was with God in Heaven made me press hard to truly know Christ. Joshua never took a breath on this earth, but he helped lead his momma to Christ! Every life is valuable and important. No matter how conceived, every person is created by God, in His image, and He has a plan for everyone! The Lord has since called me out to speak about my rape and abortion. I now lead other women through a post abortive Bible study to help them find further healing in Christ. I’m active in many pro-life ministries in my state and nationally. God has truly given me beauty from ashes. He has turned the absolute worst thing in my life into something for good. The epitome of Romans 8:28.

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Wisdom and Happiness

What is the connection between happiness and wisdom? Is there a connection. According to the Word of God, there is. As Proverbs 3:13 states, a man is blessed if He has wisdom. Other places in scripture, the word blessed can be translated as happy. Happiness is often based on our circumstances- and even though our circumstances are not always good, wisdom reminds us that “All things work together for good, to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.” Wisdom reminds us that in our moments of weakness- HE is made strong. I think it is because we realize that wisdom is so much more then head knowledge- but goes out into the way that we live our lives. That my friends, is understanding.

This is why I think it is so important to get yourself connected with a Bible reading plan, and even a group to be accountable to.  It is why I talk about the Bible – and share devotionals on the Word of God – often. I truly believe that it is the bread of Life- that is sustains our spiritual walk with the Lord. I believe that we become spiritually sick without our time there.

This is why I am so excited about Friday’s here at Women of Worship. Two post will go live. One will be this awesome link up – it isn’t going anywhere. We will continue to offer these great, short devotions that meet people right where they are at. Then, we will also do a blog through the Bible post. We will move slow and steady through the Word of God- and I will choose one chapter a week to highlight.

The reason? God’s Word never returns void. It truly is the only thing that can bring life and blessing into your life.

Bible Study

Hard Work Pays Off: A Biblical Principle

Hard Work. Either you love it, or you don’t. A good work ethic is hard to find- in the business world, or even just as a volunteer or for a cause. However, hard work is a very Biblical idea- one that started at the beginning of time – and can transcend all areas of our or lives. Today, let’s take a look at Psalm 128:2 and see how:

Psalm 128:2 (ESV) “You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.”

Farmers work so hard all year long in order for us to eat. They go from preparing the ground, plowing the ground, planting, fertilizing, and tending. Then, they get the joy of bringing in the harvest. Better yet, some of those wonderful goods end up on their very own table. Once, I grew a green pepper plant (Yes, I said once. I don’t have a big green thumb). There was so much work in getting that plant to grow. However, there wasn’t a tastier green pepper that I ever ate then the one I grew myself.

The same is true for our parenting. There is no greater joy then to see our children walk in truth. Yet, any of us that have been parenting very long (especially if you have teenagers) would tell you there is MUCH labor involved in raising children. However, it is so rewarding to see the fruit of your labor pay off in the lives of your children.

Working hard can be tiresome. Recently, I started another year of teaching preschool. On top of all our adoption  adventures. On top of raising three kids. On top of keeping my home. On top of being a helpmeet to my husband. A woman’s work is never done, or so the saying goes. However, we need to be sure that we look at the second part of this verse for some added encouragement. Yes, work is hard. Yes, it is wonderful to eat the fruit. It says that we will be blessed and that it will be well with us when we are productive. However, we need to be sure we ARE being productive! We need to be sure what we are doing is fruitful, and not just busy.

Friends, it is important that we are sure that we prioritize our time. That we do what we do well – for the glory of the Lord. His name (Oh, His great name) is on what we do. When we do it half way – that has His name on it. In order for our work to be blessed – it must be fruitful. Which might mean we need to do LESS work, so that the work we DO will be fruitful.

This week, I have been working hard on promoting our adoption – and trying to help raise the funds we need for our adoption. I have been working hard (along with some of my favorite girls!) – yet right now, I don’t know the fruit of my labor. I have pinned. I have wrote. I have shared. I have cried. Above all, I have prayed. The promotion team has done these things as well. I hope that they will be excited about the fruit of their labors.

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