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A New Adventure: Blogging Through The Bible

The most important thing you can do is to read your Bible. I know that sounds almost cliche to say as a Christian – but it is true. The way that we sustain our spiritual walk with the Lord, the way we grow as a Christian- is through reading God’s Word. Today, I am excited to announce that I will be joining Courtney, from Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls in “Blogging Through the Bible.

In the past, Good Morning Girl group sessions lasted 8 weeks. You would read one chapter a week – usually breaking that chapter up into 5 pieces. Sometimes, we would hop around the Bible. However, this time, it is going to be different. This time, we are going to strive to accomplish a big goal. We are going to read through the Bible. Not in one year- like most plans, but over over three.

Each day, we will read one chapter of the Bible. We will bounce all over- starting in Esther. What an amazing book to start in – one that speaks of a woman’s faith and courage to stand – even when it seemed like it could cost her everything – even her life. The reading will be seven days a week -not five. It will be simple. It will be the Bible.

Each week, on Friday’s, I am going to write about what I have read that week. I may include a video. But, I want to share this journey with you. I want to be accountable- not just to a small group- but to my readers here as well.

I have only ever read through the Bible once, in my 17 year walk with the Lord. I want to read it – and not just check the boxes (although if I am honest, my OCD brain loves them!) but to dig in deep. To really pull it a part. To examine in. Then, on Fridays, I will share those post with you.

Now, here is where you come in. I would love for you to join me. If you head over to the Women Living Well site- the forum is up – you can create a group, or join a group. I will host a group on Facebook – for encouragement ,and also for reading the Word of God every day. Request to join! I will give this link several times a year.

If you get behind – don’t give up! Every day, God’s mercies are new. Every day you can begin again. Let’s be an encouragement to each other!

If you have come over from Women Living Well today – welcome! I am so excited to be a part of the administration team and look forward to serving you! I hope you will find the encouragement on this blog to an encouragement to you and your walk – and worship- of the King!

Comment below if you are joining in (with my group or not!)

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