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abundant-lifeThere are so many areas of the world today that live in poverty. With m y heart for adoption, I would bring each and every one of them home with me if I could. None of us would choose to live that way. Yet, so many of us do choose to live that way, when we choose to live outside of the grace that God has given us. We don’ have to live under tradition, or even under the Old Testament law anymore. Christ paid the debt, and we are now FREE! Join me today, over at A Look At The Book, as we continue our journey through the book of Galatians and talk about living in Abundance or Bankrupt!

*Due to some doctrinal issues with some of the writers at A Look At The Book, I have taken my links out. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.*

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About Mandy Kelly

Mandy is passionate about two things: The Word of God and the Souls of Men (and Ladies!). She is a married to her best friend, and gets the privilege to love on their three blessings (who lost their biological momma leaving her husband widowed).She loves that the Lord has let her life be an example of delighting in Him and watching Him mold her life to make her desires match His. She spent 9 years in an early childhood classroom, and 4 years in an “in house” seminary program at her home church.She loves to bring God glory through her roles as Christ-follower, Wife and Mother (in that order!) She enjoys women’s ministry, cooking, crafting, and traveling the world. Mandy is also passionate about Adoption and helping women with Infertility- as both are areas God has trusted her with. Her greatest desires are to have her marriage bring God ultimate glory, see her children walk in truth, to lead others to the feet of Jesus, and to lead women into deeper and intimate relationship with their Savior through study of the Word of God.


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