When Love Isn’t Easy

Love isn't always easy - lets look at what love really means!

When love isn’t easy, how should we respond as women who are trying to worship God in every area of our lives? Living in a world that is so quick to write-off any relationship when the going gets tough only influences others to take its easy way out. But we, as women who desire to worship God with our lives, must choose a different path in how we love… …a … Continue reading

Reconnect: Keeping Your Marriage Connected in a Disconnected World

Is your marriage feeling a bit disconnected? Here are some simple ways to reconnect the pieces.

Life is busy. Each and every week, we run kids back and forth to school, doctors appointments, and extra curricular. Maybe you work outside the home, have parents your caring for, or ministries you are a part of. When eight o’clock rolls around, we are tired, ready to call it a day. We want to turn to things that can help our minds rest and relax – or we just … Continue reading

Go Ye Therefore – Short Term Missions

The Great Commission - it isn't a suggestion - it is a command.

Have you ever desired to go on a mission trip, but wasn’t sure where you should start? Short term mission trips are a great way to broaden you scope of the world around you – and to see what Jesus really meant when he told us to go into ALL the world.   Too often, we say that we will go to our neighbor. Or to our family. But we … Continue reading

When Fear Erases Trust

Has your fears Erased your trust?

Trust in God. Three simple words- that are so hard to do. When asked about what their favorite Bible verse is, many will tell you it is Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths. We throw those three simple words out there in an almost cliché way. We … Continue reading

The Messy Beautiful Love Book February Book Club and Giveaway!

Come join us in February as we dive deep into the heart of marriage at Worshipful Living

February is right around the corner- and it is the month that so many people focus on LOVE. Love can be such a beautiful thing – but, if we are honest, it can also be a bit messy at times. Most of life can be. However, we live in a world where most people would rather trade their marriage in than fight to make it work. I can’t think of … Continue reading

Be Ye Present

Beyond being in your day to day - be present

I sat staring at the screen, crying like a fool. The article brought an abstract concept like passage of time into clear, tangible terms. Having received a jar of pennies upon the dedication of her precious baby, this mom was told to remove a penny for each week she would raise her child. 18 years equals 936 pennies. That’s not a lot when you think about it in terms of … Continue reading

Examine Your Ways and Test Them

As we are moving forward into a new year- a new beginning- be sure to examine your ways and test them against the very word of God!

Christmas is now a memory we’ll treasure and we’re into the New Year. Most of us made New Year resolutions. We will strive to be successful, achieve higher results, improve and make changes. We hope to fulfill our dreams, goals and expectations we’ve set before us. We desire a better year than the last and some of us may choose to forget the year gone by; it’s trials and challenges. We’re … Continue reading

Having A Mission For Your Marriage

One of the most important things we can be mission minded about is our marriage.

As the first full month of January is coming to a close – in just a few days – I am thinking through my goal of being present. If you have been following me on my instagram – you know I have been off on a weekend getaway with my husband, celebrating his 40th birthday weekend. (Don’t worry- I am writing this in advance- I did NOT blog while we … Continue reading

Act Like You’re Saved (With Link Up!)

Act Like You're Saved

“…and put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.” Ephesians 4:24 Once we’re saved what is expected of us? How should we act, talk, think, look and walk. Paul tells us to “put on the new self” but what does that mean? Let’s back up to Ephesians 4:17. Paul is exhorting believers to no longer walk as … Continue reading