A Messy and Beautiful Kind Of Love

Promoting Messy Beautiful Love by Darlene from the Time Warp Wife

Love is one of the most beautiful gifts that God ever gave to mankind. The idea of marriage was given from God. Then, sin entered the picture, and what was once only beautiful, can become quiet messy. Yet, God can use messy love and give a beautiful picture of HIS love for us, and we […]

A Different Kind Of Labor Day

Labor Day means something a little different in my life in light of our adoption.

“Monday is Labor Day. We won’t have school” I said to our kids on the way home from school last week. Then, my sweet six year old asked “Mommy, is that the day Aunt Ashley (my sweet sister in love) is going to have her baby? When she goes in labor on labor day?” ┬áNeedless […]

The Book Of Esther: A Woman of Courage

The introduction into the book of Esther

“Esther could be compared to a chess game. God and Satan (as invisible players) moved real kings, queens and nobles. When Satan put Haman into place, it was as if he announced “Check.” God then positioned Esther and Moredcai i order to put Satan into “Checkmate!” Ever since the Fall of man (Genesis 3:1-19), Satan […]

Hard Work Pays Off: A Biblical Principle (with Link Up!)

hard work1

Hard Work. Either you love it, or you don’t. A good work ethic is hard to find- in the business world, or even just as a volunteer or for a cause. However, hard work is a very Biblical idea- one that started at the beginning of time – and can transcend all areas of our […]

Living With Infertility


“You have a hormone imbalance.” Simple words spoken by my female doctor that would forever change my life. Being unmarried and 26, I wasn’t sure what those words meant for me. I just knew I wasn’t getting a cycle like I once did. I had gone through some weight gain- and then weight loss – […]