Come (With Link Up)


Come. The words give an open invitation – it shows that there is a desire to be with someone. Today, we see this invitation clearly given in scripture. Jesus just want’s us to There is coming a day, very soon, where Christ is going to call us to Him. No one knows when that time […]

Where Can We Find Freedom? (With Link Up!)


People are looking for freedom. However, the truth is, the very things that they feel like will liberate them, often put them further into bondage. Today, we are going to be talking about: Many people look for freedom – and what they find is rebellion. We don’t want to be told what to do, or […]

The Wrong Battle

battle marriage 1

There is a battle for marriage- but unfortunately, many of us are fighting the wrong person. We fight our spouse instead of battling on our knees. We fight our spouse instead of communicating. We wont forgive – or we won’t ask for forgiveness. Our marriages are without purpose, and thus, we are aimless in them. […]

Who Knows You (With Link Up)


How are you known? Loaded question for a Monday morning, I know .However,  so many of us want to be known. Not with our names up in lights, but we want the people in our lives to known us. Yet, there are many things, deep things in our hearts that we don’t let people know […]

True Freedom (With Link Up)


What is freedom? Today, if you live in the United States, we are celebrating our freedom – the day that we became independent from the rule of another country. We forget that we are founded on the fact that we were once slaves to someone else- that we haven’t always been an all powerful nation. […]