When My Heart Says No

There are times when our hearts are screaming No, when we need to be saying Yes to God.

You know the end of sermon drill. The Pastor starts winding down the sermon, and your hands start to sweat a little. His message has been convicting, and God is asking you to make a change. Or maybe He is asking you to do something BIG for Him. Maybe He wants your obedience. Yet, it isn’t what you want. It’s okay to say it. Sometimes, we don’t want to do … Continue reading

Make Your Home a Haven 2015

Making your Home a haven1

Welcome to October! It truly is my favoirte month of the year. The weather is cooling down, there is pumpkin everything, and the holidays are right around the corner! It is the perfect time to focus on our homes – and this challenge is sure to do that for you! What is a haven? By definition: a place of safety or refuge. This is what our homes are suppose to be. … Continue reading

Tools for the Gospel {Acts 18}

Tools for the Gospel

When you are working on a project, the most important thing you need is the right tools. If you are baking a cake, you shouldn’t need a hammer- but a hand mixer will do you a world of good. If you are building a house- you will need the hammer, not the mixer. Tools are so important when we are doing projects. Sometimes though, we have to use the tools … Continue reading

Five Minute Bible Stories for Kids (With Giveaway)

Bible Stories

My daughter loves to read. Since she has started reading, she reads everything. I have had to keep good reading material at hand all the time because she is always wanting to read something. As part of her homeschool curriculum, I have wanted her to read books that will have an eternal impact on her, all while being enjoyable. Five Minute Bible Stories for Kids has been one of those … Continue reading

Turn The World Upside Down {With Link Up}

The Early church turned the world upside down with the gospel. Lets turn our worlds upside down!

Have you ever had your world turned upside down? Maybe life has thrown you a ball you weren’t expecting, and all of the sudden, things are different then you ever thought they would be? Often, those moments are life defying. They can be scary – but they can be good as well. What would happen if we, as the church, started turning our world upside down for the gospel of … Continue reading

Fall Cleaning vs Spring Cleaning

Why I focus more on Fall Cleaning then Spring cleaning!

My favorite time of year is here- FALL! I love the cooler weather, hoodies, hot chocolate or coffee. I love changing leaves, pumpkin everything, and time with family. Fall is also a very busy time. Especially in my house. We have football games, family activities, and of course, holiday traditions. This is also usually the time of year I take some time out to focus on planning the blog for … Continue reading

Our Walk Matters {Acts 16}

When people see our lives, what do they see. We have influence. Our Walk Matters

Confession time. I have the gift of gab. If that isn’t evident from my blogs or videos, I will just confess. I do a lot of talking.  Sometimes, I wonder what my kids and husband think when I talk. Do they hear the teacher from the Peanuts movie, or do they hear the words that come out. One thing I know for sure though. I know people watch my actions. … Continue reading

Cell Phones, Internet and Our Kids

We live in a world where everyone has access to cell phones and internet - even our kids. How can we keep them safe in the digital age?

We live in a very different age. Kids have access to internet and cell phones much earlier than we ever did. I remember the first cell phone I got- at age 21. I remember using very slow dial up internet in the living room of my parent’s house. That isn’t the way it is anymore. Kids are exposed to the internet at very young ages. Schools are teaching them how … Continue reading

Easy and Fun Edible Paint

Looking for an easy and fun way to help your children have fun in learning and with sensory play? This edible paint is sure to be a hit in your home!

One of my favorite parts about homeschooling is that I can do fun, sensory projects with my little one any time we want. We can use sensory and play to just about anything- math, spelling words, learn about art – the opportunities are endless! This edible paint is a great way to add sensory play for even the youngest children! Although this paint is edible, I will admit, it isn’t … Continue reading

Teaching Our Kids About Social Media

Social Media is everywhere- and we need to teach our kids about the proper ways to use it and be safe on it.

Social Media is everywhere. Every business has it, every brand, every famous person. Even schools use Social Media as a way to interact with parents. It is absolutely everywhere! Everyone is on it. In some form or fashion, every person interacts with social media. Even if you don’t use any of it-  you are constantly being reminded of it, or being encouraged to “like”, “tweet” or post a picture. Let’s … Continue reading