1 John: Clearing Up Doubt

If we are honest- we all have doubts about our faith at some point. Yet,' God's Word gives us sweet assurance!

Have you ever had doubts about your faith – maybe even doubted if you were a Christian or not? I have. I was basically raised in church – my family started going when I was ten, but really, my Granny took me since I was old enough to go (you can read more about my […]

Peaceful Parenting: Peaceful Rule Establishment

Peaceful Parenting: Peaceful Rule Establishment

We touched on planning being an important first step in the peaceful parenting process. Yet, it can be difficult to find the right balance for peaceful rule establishment. Peaceful rule establishment is easiest when your children are little because they grow up only knowing the rules as they’ve always been. Often times parenting throws us […]

True Friendships: Accountability

True friendship is hard to find in today's world. Accountability is even harder.

We all need accountable relationships- but no one really wants them. The reason isn’t because we don’t want relationships- but because we don’t want to be hurt- and we don’t wan tour hurts to be out there for others to see. However, as we look at scripture, we know that accountable relationships are so important. […]

Loving My Husband Right: The Art of Submission (With Link UP!)

We can love our husbands right -and well- when we submit to them in BIBLICAL submission!

Submission isn’t a word most women like to read about. The world has warped our view on it- making women who submit seem weak. It makes our husbands seem like beast. However, that isn’t the picture we see pictured for us in scripture, when we look at passages like 1 Peter chapter 3. ¬†Submission, when […]

A Time for Rest (With Link Up)

We all need rest- it comes form the Lord. We need to balance rest with work!

Do you know we are suppose to work six days a week and rest one? As a mom, rest really isn’t in my vocabulary. I am always on the go, and this can wear a mom out. When I am worn down and weary, I am no use to the Lord. If I do not […]