To Further The Gospel (With Link UP!)

What would you do in order to further the gospel?

What would you do in order to further the gospel? Many of us think we would do anything. The ultimate example of spreading the gospel might be found in the apostle Paul (outside of Christ himself of course!) However, we see as we look through the epistles, that it didn’t always equal a pleasurable journey for Paul – but almost always led to others coming to know Christ. So, today … Continue reading

Be The One, While You Wait For The One.

be the one

Outside of our decision to surrender our lives to Christ, the next most important decision we make is who we will marry. As a younger girl, I dreamed of my wedding day. God redesigned my dream – and I did not get married until I was 29. Now, I am the mother to three, almost four, children. I pray daily for their spouses. I am thankful for the years I … Continue reading

Peaceful Parenting: Peaceful Family Devotions

Throughout our parenting journey we have many opportunities to cultivate peace in our parenting and in our homes. One area of our parenting that must be filled with peace is our time for family devotions. This is key no matter what your family devotion time looks like, how often it happens or what study your family is using during family devotions. Peace must be present during family devotions.   How … Continue reading

The Importance of Family Fun with Kindness and Joy (With Link Up!)

Family fun is important in making our home a haven - but we need to be careful that we use kindness and point our kids to joy instead of just simple happiness.

As we continue on to week three in this journey of “Making Your Home A Haven”, we look at having family time. Family time can bring out the best- and the worst- in each of us. Yup, being honest here. If we are not careful, a well planned family night of fun can turn from happiness to craziness in the blink of an eye! That is why it is so … Continue reading

Discontentment Breeds Fear (With Link Up!)

Discontentment often breeds fear in our lives- but we don't need to be afraid. God is our helper. Get Biblical Wisdom on how to control fear with contentment

What is the root of fear? Often, it is the unknown, or not being in control. If we get down to the basics ¬†– discontentment can often breed fear. However, in Hebrews, we learn a thing or two about contentment, and how it can conquer our fear. We fear the things we don’t know. We fear the things that we can’t control. Often, those same things bring discontentment in our … Continue reading

A Woman of Faith And Me

I relate to Sarah- she struggled in her wait- and so do I. Yet, she was known as a woman of Faith

This week, as we are reading in the book of Genesis, we come across one of my favorite women in the Bible – Sarah. I don’t know of many who would call her their favorite. The reason I like her is because she is flawed – and scripture doesn’t hide those. I used to want to be known as a Mary from the Mary and Martha story- she sat at … Continue reading

Mission Possible: Adoption

Adoption is part of the mission of God.

So many people ask me why we want ¬†adopt- what makes us feel so strongly about this call? Well, for us, we see so much in the Bible that points to adoption, and we are reminded about our own adoption through Jesus Christ! I believe it is a HUGE part in fulfilling the great commission – the mission we are left on the planet to do! There are so many … Continue reading

Peaceful Parenting: Peaceful Family Meetings

I believe an important part of parenting is remembering that our children won’t be kids forever. More than likely someday (unless Jesus returns) they will be all grown up and have families of their own. It is our responsibility to ensure we’ve been faithful in preparing them to be the husbands/fathers and wives/mothers that God calls them to be. In order to prepare them to be adults we have to … Continue reading

A Life Full Of Love (Adoption Journey: Week 33)

Mandy shares about how life is full of love- and how that is connected with their adoption!

October 15th. This day has had a lot of meaning for me over the years. It all started 32 years ago – that was the day I was born! My birthday isn’t the reason for this post though…. it is much more than that. I was born to a single mom. She choose life – when she didn’t have to. She choose not to go to college, and to work … Continue reading