Meet The New WOW Contributors


Today, I am very excited to share with you some big changes at Women of Worship. As you know, I am in a busy – yet exciting!- stage of life. Our family is in the process of adoption¬†- which means time is spent preparing our home – and family- for a new baby. We are […]

Movement: An Adoption Journey (Home-Study Pt1)


I know that many of you have been following our adoption journey. For a few weeks, almost 2 months, there was no movement. I think those moments are the hardest time during the adoption process . It is hard because everyone else forgets that there is a longing in your heart – that there is […]

Fondest Thoughts (With Link Up)


What do you think fondly of? Often, we think fondly of our spouse, our children, family and friends. We have fond thoughts of the things we spend the most time with – and the things that we create. The same is true for God. He has fond thoughts, precious thoughts, ¬†of us, His creation. We […]

Come (With Link Up)


Come. The words give an open invitation – it shows that there is a desire to be with someone. Today, we see this invitation clearly given in scripture. Jesus just want’s us to There is coming a day, very soon, where Christ is going to call us to Him. No one knows when that time […]