Salvation and Eternity are two main ideas of the Christian faith. Write out scripture and take your quiet time to a new level as we study these important truths from the Word of truth!

I love to go back and study the basics of our Christian faith. Salvation and Eternity are two of the things I really like to wrap my brain around. These topics are crucial to our Christian walk- and that is why we are going to be focusing on them for our scripture writing challenge this […]

As summer wraps up, we want to make sure we are finishing strong! There are 4 ways to make sure that you finish summer strong!

Finish Summer Strong

It is hard to believe that summer is just about over. I don’t know about you, but my summer sure did fly. As we are walking toward the end of the summer days, we want to make sure that we finish summer strong. Here are 4 ways to finish the summer strong – and give […]

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20 Back To School Breakfasts

The kids are heading back to school soon, so it’s time to start thinking of some yummy breakfast options for them. Just a bowl of cereal and milk seems to be on the way out as far as being the go-to choice for mornings. There are plenty more choices for delicious options. I’ve gathered together […]

Back to school stuff is out. It is really easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to begin! Here are some ways to rock your back to school shopping!

How to Rock Back to School Shopping

Even though it’s still Summer, back to school shopping is right around the corner and it’s time to start preparing for it! If you’re trying to stick to a budget this year, there’s a few tips you can follow to rock your back to school shopping and still get lots of great stuff! Follow these […]

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Making a Plan: Life Planner {Homeschool and Mom Editions!}

Planning. I love a good planner. So much, that I have several. I have found some I really love. Yet, there is always an aspect that is missing. There is always something else that I need- and so I search the web looking for a printable or yet another planner to make it work. However, […]

Having a bad day? We all do sometimes! How do you turn a bad day around? These 9 ways are sure to help!

9 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day

How do you turn a bad day around? I aim to choose to go through life looking for the good to praise, instead of pointing out the things there are to criticize. I always try to choose to believe the best about others, even when I sometimes want to be frustrated and hurt. I don’t […]

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4 Free Backyard Fun Ideas

It can be a lot of fun to spend time with your family in the backyard. However, you might feel like you don’t have any good, fun ideas for hanging out. You’re not alone, as many families are strapped for ideas. We live in a fast-paced world where people just don’t get the time to […]

Are you looking to have some more fun with your kids this summer? There are lots of fun things you can do - in the sun - that are great for kids! Go out and make some memories!

4 Ideas For Fun In the Sun With Your Kids

One of the best parts of the summer months is that you have great weather to enjoy. Your kids will also be home from school, allowing you more time to spend with them. So what are some ways you can enjoy the sunny weather and also have fun with your children? Here are four ideas […]

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Scripture Writing Challenge for July: 31 Days in Proverbs

Summer time is here – and our routines have slowed. I know mine has in some ways. Yet, one routine that should not be going out the window is our time in God’s Word. So, here we are with another Scripture Writing Challenge- and this one is going to have us in Proverbs all month […]

Procrastination can be a deadly poison in our lives. How do we overcome it? What is the antidote? Prayer. Prayer can change our procrastination and move us to action - and eternal action at that! Come learn how to defeat the areas of procrastination in your life with prayer!

Defeat Procrastination with Prayer

Procrastination is a silent poison. It seeps into marriages, impacting husbands and wives seeking to live God-directed, meaningful lives. It stops us in our tracks – paralyzed and ineffectual. Sometimes we can identify procrastination and deal with it, and sometimes it’s lurking in the background without a name, but still a poison. Procrastination drains our […]

This game we parents are playing needs to stop. Shame and Blame are not things we should be casting on other parents. We have all - and will all - fail our kids. Let's stop playing the game.

Stop Playing the Parent Shame and Blame Game

There is no new thing under the sun. Ecclesiastes tells us that. Nothing that is going on in our world right now is any different than the things that were going on centuries ago. The same hot topics have been going on for years. Something that is not new – since Adam and Eve – […]

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Father’s Day Printable Pack

Are you looking for some great, inexpensive things to do for the Fathers in your life this Father’s Day? I know that my husband loves things that show how our kids have grown and changed, and this printable pack is a great resource that will allow your kids to share about Dad in a memorable […]

Father's Day is coming. What are the words you would use to describe your dad? What about your heavenly Father?

Words to Describe Dad

When it comes to dads – I really do think I have the best one. I don’t know my biological father – adoption runs through my story since I was just a little girl. So, when I was just 3 years old, my mom met my dad- and the rest is history. He has loved […]

Our world is fast paced and everyone and everything is coming at us - faster than we can keep up with. In the midst of it all, remember whose you are!

Whose You Are

Today, Anne is going to share with us a beautiful reminder that it is not about who you are – but about whose you are! Anne writes: There is a battle raging in your soul, a battle with eternal implications. The powers of good and evil are both intent on taking up residence in your heart […]

We live in a world looking for hope. Join us this month as we dig in deep and look at verses that remind us of where our Hope is found!

June Scripture Writing Challenge: Hope

We live in a world that is changing fast. If I am honest (which I always try to be!) it is scary out there! I am thankful for the Hope that I have in Christ. Hope that no matter what happens to me in this world- that this is not my home. Hope that my […]

The health of our prayer life is vital to our relationship with God. It is important to help guide our children to have a healthy prayer life too!

3 Tips To Help Kids in their Prayer Life

Prayer is such an important part of our Christian walk. It is our direct communication to God- and goes hand in hand with our time in God’s Word, where the Holy Spirit directs us and teaches and and speaks to us. Learning this discipline is hard as adults, yet it is also a very important […]