Making It Right (Trespass Offering) – Leviticus 5

Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice - It is HIS sacrifice that makes everything right!

“I was wrong.” “I am sorry.” “Please forgive me.” We live in a culture that doesn’t like to say those words. We live in a culture where we want to do what is right in our own eyes – no matter who we hurt. However, we still sin. Against God and man. Intentionally or unintentionally. That sin separates us from God. That sin required a payment. That payment was the … Continue reading

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss (The Sin Offering)

We can sin in ignorance- but it doesn't mean we stay unrepentant - Leviticus 4

Ignorance is bliss. This statement is often used in order for people to say that sometimes, it is better to not know. In Leviticus chapter 4, we see that ignorance is not always bliss- even sin done in ignorance must be forgiven – and a blood sacrifice is what was needed. There are times we sin in ignorance. Whether we are newer Christians, and don’t know something is wrong, or … Continue reading

Cultivating a Heart for Prayer

4 Keys to Cultivating a Heart for Prayer

Cultivating a heart for prayer has been at the forefront of my mind lately. Prayer is one of the greatest spiritual weapons in any Christian’s life. It’s how we connect our hearts to the heart of God. Recently in my Bible study time with the Good Morning Girls, I noticed 4 keys to cultivating a heart for prayer in the lives of the two blind men who we find in … Continue reading

A Peace Offering For All

Peace- we all want it. There was one peace offering made for all

Peace is something we all want. We live in a world that is chaotic and crazy – and often our relationships feel the same way. If we are honest, even our relationship with God can feel strained as we “try” to work it in. Sometimes, we just need peace – and that starts with restoring fellowship. The peace offering talked about in chapter three of Leviticus was an offering of … Continue reading

Jelly Bean Day Printable

Free Pack for National Jelly Bean Day

Jelly Beans are such a yummy and fun spring candy! Today, is national jelly bean day! I am so excited to offer you this free printable pack to celebrate national jelly bean day! In this free printable pack we have: Jelly Bean Roll Game Jelly Bean Flavor ABC Game Flavor Hunt Word Game Creative Writing Creative Writing Paper Jelly Bean Trivia Get yours for FREE today! Worshiping With My Life, … Continue reading

Grains of Thanks (Leviticus 2)

Thanksgiving can be a sacrifice as well - and it needs to be done without sin! Join us as we dig into Leviticus chapter 2

One of my favorite times of day is meal time. Each night ,our children take turns thanksgiving God for our meal. Even in the simplest form, hearing the prayers of thanksgiving are so beautiful. I am often reminded during this time that this is how God wants us to come – as children before Him, thankful for what He has done, and the forgiveness that was given. Grain offerings were … Continue reading

Bible verses to reassure you when you wonder “am I enough?”

bible verses to reassure you when you start to wonder "am I enough?"

I’ve been struggling with being stretched too thin lately. Being a mom and a wife; a cook, taxi and accountant; being me. I have a need to be everything to everyone while being true to myself. My daughter’s birthday just passed and my anniversary is coming up and I started thinking: “am I enough for them?” Can you relate? Do you start second guessing yourself, your abilities, your worth? Do … Continue reading

A Sweet Smell (Leviticus 1)

The burnt offerings were a sweet smell to the Lord- our sacrifices can be a sweet smell to the Lord too.

There is nothing better then the sweet smell of cookies baking in the oven. My mouth waters as I think about it. Even as I type these words – I can smell cookies in my oven. What makes it even sweeter is that my daughter decided she wanted to make these cookies all on her own for her daddy and I. She worked hard to make those cookies- and they … Continue reading

Modesty and My Teenage Daughter

Helping our girls learn about modesty is important

Shopping with my teenage daughter is one of my favorite task. Over the last few years, she has gotten a fun taste of fashion, she is thrifty, and I think she is one of the most beautiful girls on the planet. However, shopping with my teenage daughter can be one of the hardest task EVER – because modesty and teenage culture don’t always go hand in hand. I am a … Continue reading

Teaching Our Children To Help

We need to teach our children to be responsible- and that starts by teaching them to help in the home

Spring Cleaning got done in our home in March. We focused on a room a day – detailing each room. It took us about a week to clean the house, but when it was done, it was so worth it! Our children were a huge help to us in getting things done- and they have been a big help in keepingĀ things tidy! I am not the only one who lives … Continue reading