Studying the Bible – 9 Simple Ways

studying bible

I love studying the Bible. Truly, it is a passion of mine. About 6 years ago, I began a journey to become a missionary. I enrolled in my home churches in house seminary program. I was the first girl to make it all the way through the program – and it was intensive! Yet, it […]

Secrets, Men and Love.

Secrets, Men and love WOW

  According to David Coory, we can electrify an interest in our husband when we are accepting, delightful, sympathetic, caring, feminine and trusting of him. As we exhibit these qualities we become more attractive to him. We rouse up and assuage his heart igniting a desire within him to treasure and adore us. The first secret to nurturing a tender love within our husband is to […]

Why we Struggle to Manage our Children.


    Consistently addressing the behavior of our children can become frustrating. All the commands we’re repeating wear us down bringing discouragement. When their behavior is corrected, we enjoy a slight reprieve, but who are we kidding? Five minutes later, they are at it again. Can you relate? I was a Behaviorist in the early […]

Adoption: Not Just A Journey For A Baby (Homestudy Pt 2)


A few weeks ago, we finished our home study process. I wrote the post about this first visit- and how you can prepare. However, what they don’t usually tell you when you are starting the process is that the word “home study” doesn’t mean one visit- it means multiple visits and talks – and it means […]